Fees are non-negotiable to ensure equity of service across families. Fees set from January 2021.

Initial phone consultation 30 minute chat free of charge
One off or ongoing workshops – £75 per hour

Payment accepted via bank transfer or PayPal. Please note that the cancellation of sessions with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at the full workshop fee.

Our full Terms and Conditions of Service

This policy identifies the expectations and duties of Sunflower Autism Consultancy (herein referred to as SAC), and parents/carers for services to be provided.

General Policies

1. Location: SAC services will be provided at the SAC clinic in Hayes, Kent, at the child’s home, and/or nursery or school.

2. Data Protection Policy: Please see SAC’s separate Privacy Policy.

3. Liaison: All families are entitled to NHS provision and SAC will ensure close liaison with NHS colleagues to support the child and his/her family appropriately. Liaison will only happen with your prior consent.


4. Initial Consultation: This is the first contact. It is either a telephone call or email with the SAC Clinical Director Julia Gudinchet and is free of charge.

5. Workshops: Workshop duration and frequency is dependent on the child’s needs; the minimum workshop duration in one hour. The workshop involves the clinical director training parents both in theory and practice implementing strategies based on evidence based practice. The clinical director will write targets, plan the resources for the session and deliver the parent training.

Parents/carers must take part fully to ensure they know what to do with the child in the clinical directors absence in between sessions. Sessions occur weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on the child’s needs. When therapy takes place at school, every effort will be made for a member of staff to participate in the training/workshop to ensure carryover of tasks.

6. Workshop notes: A written summary of the workshop will be provided via email for the parents wishing seven working days (unless otherwise stated) with relevant data sheets/materials included.

7. Cancellations: Due to the time necessary to schedule and prepare for workshops, cancellation is required with 24 hours notice of a workshop, or the full fee may be charged. In the event of SAC cancelling the session, the client will incur no fee.

10. Videography: Some sessionsmay need to be videoed as part of the therapy process (with parent’s consent). The clinical director will only use parent’s devices for this to ensure confidentiality (unless the clinical director requires a recording for analysis of the child’s speech/behaviour). Please ensure there is ample storage space on your device(s) for this purpose before the session.

11. Complaints procedure: SAC would like the process to be as positive and successful as possible however, if you have any concerns regarding any element of the assessment or therapy delivered by SAC please speak to SAC Clinical Director Julia directly.

12. Fees: The initial hour long consult/assessment is free. Thereafter the fee is £75 per hour. Fees are paid directly to SAC by bank transfer within 7 days of the appointment (as detailed on the receipt of service) or by cash on the day. Failure to pay within this time will result in withholding sessions and report writing until payment is received.

Fees are based on: professional experience, time, resources, planning, preparation, travel, email correspondence. Fees are non- negotiable.

If you have any queries please contact the clinical director, Julia, on julia@sunflowerautismconsultancy.co.uk   or 07949801744.