Autism Assessment and Diagnosis
We provide diagnosis for children from age 2 years upwards. The assessment process is a multi-disciplinary approach including the ADOS2 assessment and assessment by a registered psychologist. A full assessment report will be provided with follow up support recommendations.

Behaviour Support
Sunflower Autism Consultancy offers clinic-based independent assessment and implementation of strategies to reduce challenging behaviour, and teach skills on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. (school holiday sessions can be organised – please contact Julia to discuss this). The consultancy holds private sessions in Hayes Old Church Schools Hall, 86 Hayes Street, Hayes, Bromley BR2 7BA. It is a short walk from Hayes, Kent train station and a 10 minute drive from Bromley South station. There is free private parking available. 

Initial consultation
This is an initial phone call or skype/facetime where a detailed case history and background information will be taken and you will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s needs and Julia will discuss the services she offers. This is free of charge.

Workshop sessions
The initial workshop will be for observation and informal assessment as well as the initial implementation of the programme and parent training. This initial workshop lasts 2 hours. After the initial workshop the frequency and length of workshops depends on your child’s specific needs and can be discussed with Julia.

Workshops include; individual targets and programmes, individual data sheets, an emailed document detailing the workshop summarising any discussions (emailed 2-3 days after the workshop takes place), changes to targets and/or an individual updated behaviour plan/strategies.

Programmes and behaviour plans implemented aim to help your child;

  • increase communication and functional language
  • increase self-help skills
  • increase academic learning
  • transition successfully to nursery/school
  • increase social and play skills
  • reduce challenging behaviour

How you implement the strategies and programmes suggested by Julia will depend on your family and circumstances. Some families choose to hire  tutors to implement programmes, and Julia is happy to provide ongoing training in this case. In some families the parents themselves implement the strategies which is where Julia’s expertise and support are key. Sunflower Autism Consultancy also offers group parent training courses to help you implement strategies successfully with your child.

Parent Training
Sunflower Autism Consultancy runs group parent training sessions throughout the year. please keep an eye out for upcoming dates. These training days are designed to give you extra insight into your child’s behaviour and support with implementing strategies to help reduce challenging behaviour and teach skills. Parents also find it helpful to meet other autism parents and exchange ideas and offer each other support.