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Supporting neurodiverse families to flourish

Qualified, experienced autism and ADHD advice


Hi! I’m Julia Gudinchet

My passion is supporting children, adolescents and adults who are autistic, and/or have ADHD, AuDHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia (and other co-occurring conditions), through a positive and neuro-affirming approach.

For almost 20 years, I have helped families both in the home and the community to understand and support their own needs. In 2019, I launched Sunflower Autism Consultancy, helping families with neurodivergent children worldwide through my 1:1 online parent support workshops, live Zoom groups, community membership and neurodiversity courses.

As a neurodivergent mum to two children (one with ADHD), with a Masters degree in Autism Studies, I bring a varied and informed perspective to help your family thrive.


How can I help?

1:1 online parent workshops

For parents of neurodivergent children, offering advice, support and someone to talk to who gets it.

1:1 online coaching

For neurodivergent young people and adults who need support with executive function, emotional regulation and processing your diagnosis.

Sunflower Autism community membership

Access exclusive resources and support in your own time for only £4.50 a month on Patreon, with webinars on key topics, expert interviews, live Q&As, articles, and more.

DLA and PIP application support

Guidance on filling in and renewing your application for much-needed financial support.

Group online parent workshops

Learn more about neurodiversity and meet other parents on the same journey. Topics covered include PDA, regulating emotions, ADHD, and more.


Client Recommendations

Kirsty, mum to an autistic 4 year old boy

Rebecca, mum to 4 autistic girls

Julia remains the first person I would go to for advice on anything autism related as I’ve never met anyone else with such a wealth of knowledge.

Gemma Carter-Green, teacher and autism professional