Do you need an Autism assessment?

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Expert Diagnosis

We provide diagnosis for children from age 2 years upwards. The assessment process is a multi-disciplinary approach including the ADOS2 assessment and assessment by a registered psychologist. A full assessment report will be provided with follow up support recommendations.

Behaviour Analysis

We use the latest clinical methods to analyse the behaviour of children as young a 2 years to find the cause of challenging behaviour, and develop strategies for parents to cope and children to flourish.

Early Intervention

Our approach provides tools and training for Mum and Dad to develop communications skills even with very young children.

WhySunflower Autism Consultancy

Our 13 years experience with Autistic children of all ages has shown that the earlier we diagnose and begin work, the more children can flourish and grow to their full potential. The latest, clinically-proven techniques in diagnosis and analysis can make a major difference for every child.

Meet Our Clinical Director - Julia Gudinchet, B.A., M.A.

We use ADOS2, seen the world over as the “gold standard”
for autism diagnosis. It can be used for children as young
as 2 years old.

For young children an ADOS2 diagnosis is fun – very similar to playing with toys they probably already know.

You and your child deserve expert professional autism support

What People Are Saying

“Julia was an absolute delight with my son who was 14 months old when we sought support. At the time he was showing red flags for autism and Julia was very sweet to my son, supportive to me and informative and professional to my husband and I. She gave us the tools to help Jude and we still use these methods with Jude. I highly recommend Julia as we will be using Julia again in the future.”

Susie Jones Garner, Autism Mum

“Highly recommend Sunflower Consultancy. Julia is so positive and helpful. It’s great to have a listening ear and someone who understands where you are coming from. She gives lots of ideas and suggestions to make life easier for all the family. Give her a call – the first hour is free.”

Bromley autism mum

“I learned so much from Julia when I worked with her. She is a true professional and shows the utmost in care and compassion for the people she works with. Each individual receives the best that she can give through her years of experience and her desire to continually improve her own autism awareness and skills. Julia remains the first person I would go to for advice on anything autism related as I’ve never met anyone else with such a wealth of knowledge.”

Gemma Carter-Green, teacher, autism professional.